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As is known around the world many organizations are certified halal. Standards in a clear structure in Turkey, although many organizations have volunteered to provide halal certification. ISO Certification of organizations in general who wants to provide halal certification and inspection standards for a perfectly normal, but not possible to give a structure halal certification and totally geared to make money a non-Islamic state is valid. Today, even the standard document which unascertained or inadequate standards in Thailand, countries like New Zealand is even a certificate. TSE in Turkey 's work has turned out about 3 years to reach a conclusion could not get the company or receive any of the halal certificate gives the impression that the current level. Halal standards are required to have four subjects in the title. These conditions are not in place will not be possible to talk about halal standards. These conditions; Islamic requirements, legal requirements (health), are the documentation and audit requirements.

In Islamic terms there are two main points of the first of which non-Muslim business owner and employees of businesses that offer halal certificate and the second is whether or not to be halal and the haram of the product that is to determine what happened. This issue from country to country and sect to sect varies. Snails, frogs, etc. entries. products constantly being discussed today. These products then I will talk about identifying and must be approved by the council. The first point is the most basic questions, this document will be taken only by Muslims Do? Is the question. Here are the fine details. For example, a Jewish businessman and you make the trade sector to a Muslim halal certificate do is to receive? A farmer and fruit-producing non-Muslim would like to receive this document is what will happen? Muslim workers as eligible to receive this document runs to? This kind of question it is possible to diversify.

Reason for these questions so I can repeat the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2 Is an item. The Council of Ministers Decision No. 7217 and May 27, 1949 date was published in the Official Gazette. In this article, "Everyone, race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or any other indiscriminately will be announced in the Declaration of all the rights and liberties of all may benefit. You can also get independent, or autonomous or under the guardianship or other non-sovereign countries to restrict citizens get connected, about a person, the state or nationals in the country's political, legal, or in terms of international status will not be any discrimination. "Figure is. Citizen of the Republic of Turkey as a Muslim in this section and in any case be seen as the halal certificate must be able to receive. Islamic perspective in a situation is not suitable TSE or any organization can not issue a halal certificate. The easiest way to solve this case, the TSE is to stay away from these standards and is led to the formation of an independent organization. This should include an independent organization and within different countries, a council should be established. Adequacy of these councils do not have any Islamic organizations do not provide halal certification issues, and this council will not be halal and haram products products list by choosing a general yayınlamalı and food until the last stage of the consumption process is required to publish standards. These phases in heat, coldness, storage, cutting, sales, pricing, etc.. standards should be set to benefit from global standards. TSE will not be suffering under this burden.

Halal certification organization will receive, the second should comply with the legal requirements. legal requirements, health (hygiene) to include rules in a broad subject and Food Act, Food Act and the Veterinary Services Act, etc.. contains laws. In terms of unhealthy products sold to the Islamic one is not and should not be produced. Want to buy halal certification organizations survive they must know and apply the laws of the country. Organizations meet the legal requirements because they can not halal food certification laws not be able to receive a vast Islamic literature, and in essence create conditions in food availability in the basic amount. The simplest example of application is drip irrigation. Drip irrigation studies conducted with the support of state less water will be used in the waste water will be more accurate words as well as crop productivity and product quality will be increased. All the laws of the state Halal standards. An important issue in legal terms is the suitability of the infrastructure. Infrastructure requirements and supervision of compliance maintained by government agencies. These institutions by the poor conditions in manufacturing organizations, people can harm their production environment already from the Islamic perspective is inappropriate. Even kite, which securities, commercial morality in a weak institutions can not receive halal certification. Unfair to charge employees who do not do insurance, unhealthy work environments are not certified halal any kind of injustice because it does not fit the Islamic.

The third requirement is the documentation. Calibration requirements in documentation management, training, processes, customer satisfaction, the adequacy of search products, internal audit, product validation, storage, critical control points, corrective and preventive actions and policies of the Islamic quality of preparation and should be announced to all employees. Islamic organizations will join workers in an environment of quality policy should be written and must be announced. One of the most important thing is cleaning in the documentation. Organizations planning to do cleaning and implement. This practice should be documented. Organizations for the production of the products they supply from non-Islamic adequacy or organization can not receive from. These purchases must be documented in the halal standard, and must demonstrate proficiency. Halal certification from manufacturers and organizations where the products they buy as well as the economic contribution is provided with halal certification of product quality increases. For the increase of product quality should be noted that a robust audit is needed.

Last requirement is the control. Control system before the halal certificate and should be implemented after obtaining the document. Document consists of two phases must be pre-audits. The first stage is the pre-audit stage, after preliminary audit organizations should be given the opportunity to correct deficiencies. Lack of non-entities that control must be able to receive the document. Lack of institutions that control of the second control in the remaining excuse is missing and only the audit costs should be paid to organizations that benefit must be returned document. The document to be charged could not get his money would not be appropriate from the Islamic perspective. These types of organizations and lack of at least six months working on the application must be unable to. Control processes and documentation must be pre-set time. Documents such as ISO documents should be 3 years. Document must be for 1 year. Each year after the new document should take control. Each year a number of codes can be placed no such document. Get 2344 next year, pointing to number 1 is placed on this figure is exceeded, the control may be increased each year. This increase in the organization's halal standard indicator will be how many years that interest in the application and the application will increase loyalty. Over the years, will be able to come into a corporate advertising.

These recommendations should focus on a particular issue then the government auctions and corporate purchases of the product whether you want this document do not provide. It should not be in such matters by state agencies in this regard may take independent decisions must bring. There are two sides of this issue. On the one hand the Muslim citizens of Islamic competence to offer the product on the other side in the coming years that can be created or replaced the Christian standard of Kosher standard, non-Christian or Jewish products will not be called to take the place of an expression situation.

To summarize briefly, if necessary, the halal certification requirements have become today. Turkey on this issue should lead to the system of state institutions in this regard but not publish the standard. Standard by an independent team should be conducted. TSE should receive only the system's accreditation, audit and certification should by performing.


Fevzi Kostak



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